Defeating John Boehner in 2012 is Priority #1

As a concerned American I have questioned the direction the Democratic party has taken in the 2012 elections.

I specifically want to know why the DNC, DCCC and Team Obama have not made unseating Representative John Boehner a #1 2012 election priority?

They had a good candidate in 2010 but did not back him.

Ohiodailyblog conversation w/ Justin Coussoule

What is wrong with you people? Are you stuck on stupid?

John Boehner is the General of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. He needs to be defeated in 2012.

A national contribution campaign needs to be started to support the Democratic candidate running against John Boehner. A $5 donation is all that is required from every person on your mailing list.

Let's defeat all of the Republicans this November starting with John Boehner.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boehner Votes NO!!

Boehner Voted

NO to equal pay for women

NO on Wall Street regulatory reform

NO on minimum wage increases

NO on children's health insurance

NO on Reinvestment and Recovery Act

NO on unemployment compensation

NO on Pay-As-You-Go law

NO on Farm Bill of 2007

NO extend health care to the poor

NO to credit card regulations

YES on bank bailout without accountability

YES on tax cuts for wealthiest Americans

YES to disastrous Wall Street deregulation

YES to massive campaign contributions from
Wall Street to block regulatory reform

YES to protect health insurance companies
from essential anti-trust regulation


John Boehner Out of Touch Representation

John Boehner lives in a gated country club, isolated from middle-class citizens and their daily struggles.

He hosted 119 golf outings in 2009 while his constituents struggled to keep their homes, keep their jobs and keep their families together under the crushing weight of a global economic recession.

Instead of defending the voters in his district, John Boehner promised his Wall Street donors he would stand in the way of reforms and consumer protections in exchange for campaign contributions.

2011 Debt Ceiling Debate

During the "Debt Ceiling Debate" John Boehner held Americans hostage to the whims of the Republican party demanding spending cuts or letting America default on our National Debt.

The nation's mounting debt is largely attributable to wars, a recession and tax policies President Obama inherited from his predecessor. Worse still, the Ryan 2012 budget proposal backed by almost every Republican in both houses of Congress would not only drain another $4 trillion in tax revenue from the Treasury, but fail all of the spending and balanced budget targets they themselves propose. Nevertheless, Republicans who voted seven times to double the debt ceiling under George W. Bush would risk the national economic suicide they admit would come to pass if their demands are not met.

It is time to put John Boehner on the roles of the "Unemployed".

Vote NO on John Boehner

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